Code Red

Cheverly’s Mass Notification System is here! CodeRED allows residents to receive emergency alerts via
text, email, or phone call. Upon signing up for the service, users can create a Managed Account, which allows
the user to create a username and password and control the following:

1.Types of alerts received:
a. Emergency Alerts (Mandatory)
b. General Alerts (Optional)
c. Weather Alerts (Optional, as provided by the National Weather Service)

2.Method alerts are received:
a. Via text message
b. Via email
c. Via phone call

Users can also perform a Quick signup however, doing so would require the user to call CodeRED’s customer service line in order to make any changes to the account.

Users are required to have either a residential or business address, within the Cheverly limits, in order to sign up for an account. The system supports multiple addresses, phone numbers, and emails.

In order to start receiving alerts, residents can sign up using any of the following ways:

1.By going to the Police Department’s website and clicking on

2. By going to

3. By scanning the following QR code with your smart phone or tablet: